How to feel at home between the sea and the lagoon.

Located in the heart of the historic center of Chioggia, Domus Clugiae is a guarantee of friendly welcome, a well-known style by the attending guests. The various opportunities of resort turn the Residence into an ideal reference point for cultural trips, sightseeing tours on the hinterland and a perfect resting place by the beach resorts of the nearest Sottomarina

Art, nature and hospitality

1. Between the sea and the lagoon.
The distinctiveness of Chioggia consists in its strategic location in the Venetian lagoon where it occupies the extreme south strip of land. Looking out onto the Adriatic Sea, Chioggia locates at one hour of sailing from Venice where there is the most fascinating introduction at San Marco lagoon.
2. How to feel at home.
Our staff will greet you as you are at home. We care for the well-being of our guests, advising in a way which has a good impact on them. We make available our knowledge of an area which keeps intact the values of living together, solidarity and popularity.
3. The quality of a three stars at the price of an hostel.
Our bet is: offering at a low price what a three stars can offer, together with our well-known politeness.
4. Great goals at your fingertips.
Chioggia is surrounded by incomparable goals. We can really say that it occupies a strategic position to visit, in a short trip of about an hour, cities of art as Venice, Padua, Verona, Treviso and Vicenza; naturalistic areas as Po river delta, Euganei hills and the Venetian Lagoon with its red sunsets.

Our origin: Opera Baldo

Opera Baldo is a charity work association born in 1999 by a group of friends active in the educational field. The name comes from Carmen Baldo, a lady who, between the two World Wars and till the end of her life in the 70ies, wanted to dedicate at the abandoned childhood of Chioggia, offering her own life, home and resources. Domus Clugiae is managed by Egolabor, a social cooperative born by the experience of Opera Baldo, which is in charge of working inclusion for people at a disadvantage.