We value our people

Every member of the staff is a unique and necessary resource to ensure our guests an unforgettable stay. Here you can start to get familiar with the life of the hostel and get to know, one by one, the members of our team.


The executive director, an example of professionalism and kindness! Sport and sports cars lover, talented football player, intrepid skier and climber (if you ask him for advice about mountain tracks you’d better not be afraid of heights). He knows Chioggia like the back of his hand, as well as all the surrounding cultural and natural beauties, feel free to ask him for any precious advice!


Precise and punctual receptionist, you will recognise her immediately for her courtesy and for her turquoise vintage bike. She is really into languages (she wanted to become a linguist), books and French literature, she also loves to taste all the delicatessen from Chioggia and surrounding areas, so she will surely be happy to tell you all the delicious dishes you (and your stomach) must not miss!


He is the janitor and he takes care of breakfast, proud native of Padua, he is not very talkative but he is our lifesaver when some German tourists arrive, since he is the only one who speaks German! If you end up in the courtyard of the hostel you will find out about his other passion apart from Padua football team…..cigars!


The cleaning supervisor, she does love her job! Thanks to her the whole hostel is exceptionally clean and shiny! She is not really into sports (thank god cars and electric bikes exists) but she loves chilling under the sun in our beautiful beach and walking along the Lusenzo lagoon during sunset.


She helps Erica with the cleaning, she loves going on boat trips with her family, travelling, manicure (at least once a month! Have a look at her always perfect nails), beautiful clothes, walking, and chatting with her friends while sipping an orange juice.


“Largo al factotum della città! Largo!”, a quote from “The Barber of Seville” by Rossini which well describes our Massimo, who is really the hostel factotum! Clever and full of resources, he improvises as a plumber, a painter, an electrician or a carpenter depending on the need and occasion! Ex football player and leader of the Clodia-Sottomarina Union, he dedicated his life to football and he is still into it, since he trains the young athletes of Borgo San Giovanni.


The other factotum of the Domus, he is also a great resource when dealing with all the maintenance works our hostel requires! Adopted by the people of Pellestrina (he married one of them), he is a great fisherman and agriculture lover, as well as a skilled merchant: do you have something to sell? In less than a minute he will find a potential buyer for your old car or your dusty sofa!


Friendly and kind, she is our new entry, she is also a receptionist and she is the web marketing responsible. She brought a gust of fresh air to our hostel, blonde hair and green eyes, you can easily mistake her for a Dutch or a German tourist. Polyglot, she loves travelling and reading, feel free to ask her for any advice: from a good movie to a nice tune, since she listens music of all kinds, but one of her new passion is jazz. She will surprise you.